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The Non-Traditional Student Society is an organization on Austin Peay State University’s campus.  We are the voice for the non-traditional students, which make up 42% of the university’s population.  If you are a student at APSU, we welcome you to join!

See our stories in the AllState: (04/04/12)

APSU Offers Child Care for Nontraditional Students

Nontraditional Students Face Unique Hardships


New Society Created for Nontraditionals

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Exciting Note!!!!


Rebecca Becker, our president, announced today that we will have our new Nontraditional Student Center in January! From what we understand, it will be located on the 1st floor of the UC. Rebecca is on the hiring committee for the new director. We are very honored that APSU would allow our president to be our voice in hiring for this very important position! This person will be the liason between the nontraditional student and APSU.

This is exciting times for a nontraditional student at APSU! Join us and don't miss the fun!


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Non-Traditional is defined as:  “These individuals include single mothers, active duty military and veterans and just about anyone who didn’t enroll in college immediately after high school.”  (http://www.apsu.edu/news/new-organization-apsu-gives-voice-nontraditional-students).  Please see our press release on Austin Peay’s website!

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